Having majored in Illustration and Graphic Design, I've been a graphic designer professionally for twenty years now. Creative, versatile, and quick to come up with ideas and implement them, I enjoy a challenge, and derive a lot of satisfaction from successfully giving people what they want.

Below are some examples of my work, organized by client. I've worked on very diverse projects and can incorporate a wide variety of styles. I don't usually charge for consultations and charge $65 an hour for actual design time that I work on a project. You can reach me at paula@bishopdesign.net, BishopDesign@att.net or 828-377-5739 in Asheville, NC.

I also have my portfolio organized by project type, available as an interactive Flash CD, which I'd be happy to send you if you write to me at the email address above.

While I have mostly worked in Print design, I am getting more and more into Web design as well. Besides my own site, below print examples, I have included some links to web sites I have designed as well.

Customer comments:


"Asheville's own Paula Bishop was truly a joy to work with, and was full of great ideas. Plus, she was able to execute all of my outrageous special-effects concepts with her abundant Photoshop expertise! The work she did on my CD (as well as her recent CD design jobs for Michael Farr and Ashley Chambliss) are on her website. And her rate is a real bargain once you see how fast she works!"

Benjammin (www.BJBmusic.com)

"Paula, Great work. I am so excited about this new logo. You have produced what I wanted with out me even knowing what I wanted. Some time soon you must come over to see the view from the church to understand how significant this background is."

Jimmy Vestal, City View Quaker Church

Print Design

Asheville Transit System
Route Map brochure

Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory
(educational materials, booth graphics, mousepad, etc)
ThermoGraphics of Tennessee (Identity)
Quickest logo, letterhead and business card I've ever designed
Peggy Seeger (Identity)
Pyper's Place (Identity)
Larson Porcelain (Identity)
City View Quaker Church
Shining From Inside CD
Ashley Chambliss
In This Ocean CD
Michael Farr Thankful CD String Beings Being Reel CD Baraka Mundi (CD and Video design) East - West Songs cover Robert Cromartie (course cover) Poetry for Broken Hearts cover 4 Elements Music
Acoustic Corner (image and brochure)
Kimathi Moore (brochure)
Fantastic Creatures Parade (flyer)
Flash animation
Dance Weekend T-Shirts
East Tennessee Vegetarian Society (t-shirt)
Hand-painted Greeting Cards
Food Packaging

Web Design
Inner Landscaping (as Purple Ivy Web Design)
Bishop Design in Flash

Somatic Therapies for the Heart by Suzannah Tebbe Davis

Ginny Levi's The Nut Nook
Gillette Nutrition

You may also view my Resume.