Michael is a fellow contra dancer and a real sweet person besides. This was his first real professional job doing a CD for the "bigtime" and I was honored to
participate in that. I have thumbnails below of the CD liner and traycard, so to see them actual size, you can click on the links and bring up the pdf files.

Above is a small preview of the 8 page roll up booklet, which you may view in pdf (screen resolution) form by clicking here.
See the traycard pdf by clicking here. The 2nd page is an insert below the CD itself, which is placed in a clear tray over the image of the waterfall.

I had also done some initial design work on this recording company's logo, coming up with the central image as seen in the final logo on the pdf above.

The four elements to be represented here actually are Fire (Love), Water (Peace), Air (Joy), and Earth (Music). 4 Elements is a
local music producer/publisher. He liked the primitive, distressed look of the type, and wanted different icons to represent
the elements than the historical standard. I chose a playful approach, with the sun, etc, which developed into this: