Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory was my last employer and being a graphic designer there was sort of my "dream job"--
we had a lot of creative free reign, good equipment, flexible time, casual dress, competitive salary, free coffee and hot cocoa, and
best of all, the lab is 5 minutes walk from my house, in the historic Montford district, so the buildings were cool too (my first
year there, I worked in this old castle from the 1800s with a lovely old ballroom downstairs. Plus the fact that our department
was really like a family, and it was so great to work with those folks. One day, suddenly, they laid off over half of the Marketing
department due to restructuring, and that was when I thought it might be time to start my dream chocolate business... It's sad,
and I miss all my old coworkers and the comraderie we had. Now that I have more time to put up this site, I'm plowing through old
disks, resurrecting digital tearsheets, tracking down fonts, supporting files, etc, so this will be even more fleshed out later.
I especially want to get the magazines I designed, the Smokie's Digests, but man, are they involved!! And big...I only have so much space.

A lot of my work I converted into Acrobat files (my title being unofficially the "Acrobat Queen") so some of these links are to Acrobat files
which I will mark with an asterisk* (as they will take a bit longer to load).

Corporate Piece* Promotional Mousepad Menopause cover Amino Acids cover
DHEA brochure*
Booth Graphic for Autism  

Below are some issues of the Smokies Digest, a magazine the laboratory published, with articles from various doctors on issues
around a central theme, book reviews, sample reports, etc. My job was to work closely with the writer/editor who pulled all the text
material together, getting ideas on how to best illustrate the articles, and remind him of whose photos we still needed, research on the web
to find images to create illustrations, layout the text and illustrations, as well as following through on both the gathering information (this
sometimes involved bugging people at regular intervals for information) as well as keeping track of and occasionally "facilitating" the
approval process (often by standing at someone's desk until they signed off on it). It was a lot of work, and I so enjoyed the challenge of
bringing the whole thing together, that even though between the three designers who did it, I was the one most often to volunteer...

Cardiac Health Issue* Metabolic Dysglycemia Issue* Aging Digest Issue 1* Aging Digest Issue 2* Science Behind the Vision
Collateral Piece*