This is by no means exhaustive--much of my early work from school is either too big to scan or has departed because of many moves. Much of my graphic work has illustration in it (ie the Dance Weekend t-shirts, my hand-painted greeting cards, Great Smokies Digests, etc.), as well as being illustrative in general. What are below are mostly pencil/pen and ink sketches, some of which are for logos I've done recently.

This is one of the few pieces I did save from school, which is actually one of my first Graphic Design assignments, to do a pencil sketch of an ad about watches.For me, the starry sky represents timelessness, yet the clockface "rising" becomes the moon, which backlights the woman who is landscape.This was done mostly with a 2Bsoft lead pencil.

This is an illustration for a short story in 1991 GSU Literary Review done by students at GSU. This particular story took place in Jerusalem, which the author described as convoluted, jumbled city on a hill, and the protagonist was a mother with her new baby.

Pen and ink with cut paper and white gouache.

This logo is for a quilting supply store just starting up. The owner sent me the following to explain the name:

"A quilt can be thought of as a piece garden in that it is a collection of many pieces, be they fabrics, ribbons, beads, or other embellishments, that once assembled may resemble a garden, wild and free like an English country garden, or deliberate and subdued like a Japanese garden. In another sense, a quilt may be a peace garden. Throughout history quilts have brought people together in collaboration, celebration, commemoration. They have been used as outlets for sadness or anger during difficult times and struggles as with the AIDS quilt and the many quilts that have been assembled in the names of those battling cancer. The quilt has also served as a bridge between cultures; a metaphorical garden of peace where we may come together."


This was merely a quick sketch I drew to give the owner of this shop a basis to go on for a final drawing, but she liked it so much, she decided to use it as it was, so we added type to it.
This is a quick sketch I did of my mother playing cello (with myself as a baby) to illustrate a letter I sent to her to thank her for the awesome quilt she made for me for Christmas.