One of the key elements of being so very Scorpio is that uncovering the hidden and transformations are very important to me. Therefore my journey to become conscious and present and ME is creative process of such transformative power as to make the journey as important as--if not more than--the goal. Life is about joy, I firmly believe, and about bravely facing those elements in us (that we usually see easier in other people) that we'd rather deny or keep hidden. I'm not saying beat up on ourselves, unearthing all of our "dirt" and wallowing in it--instead, acknowledge and own our shadows with compassion and grace, thereby accepting ourselves for being human. Artwork that is "perfect" is often boring in its sameness. Remember the creature "IT" from Madeline L'Engle's A Wrinkle In Time? IT enforced sameness and perfection on the inhabitants of its world, leading to a drab existence indeed. Monty Python (Terry?) said once that the "root of comedy was human error." It is the flaws and unique differences that make us human and vulnerable and fallible and beautiful. Our hidden and repressed shadow sides of us wait eagerly for the light of our acceptance to be transformed into gold.

The collage above was an animation I did in Adobe After Effects. The movie was way too large to put on the web, but the still art works well too.

I have sketches and a couple of poems in this section, and instead of doing thumbnails, for now, I'll just reference links through text:

Sending Love and Light into the Shadow Side
Everything's Fine
The Dance of Non-Reciprocity

Color collages:
My Universe
Endless Possibilities

Poetry (illustrated):
The Little White Bear
The god holds me
You deserve all this and more