This was from a dream about the courage to fly free and face the consequences rather than hide one's abilities away.

The dream:

I was on a tour/"safari" with this group in a big forest, and one of the guides was well-liked by everyone, so I particularly remembered her. At the end of the season, as we were all leaving, the tour guides secretly went to where THEY lived during the off-season, in the trees themselves. Their big secret was that they could fly. They didn't have wings, but rather, they could will themselves to float slowly upwards through the trees (though some had a few feathers here and there), where they would "nest" in one of the bigger trees, about 50 feet up. When they got there they were a little dismayed at the change in their nest from the last time, with things missing, etc. When suddenly, the tour guide everyone liked so much (she was well-liked by her own people too), fell through a weak place in the nest. Not everyone on the ground had gotten out of sight in their departure so her people waited anxiously, if she would betray their secret by flying to save herself, or fall to her death below. She got about midway to the ground, people anxiously watching her from below, too (wondering how she got up there), when suddenly her arms sprouted with wings and she swooped up with way more power and speed than she ever had before. Their way of life was changed forever, but the feeling was that it was good to no longer have to hide.