Originally I'd named my confections "Sensual chocolates" because truffles look like breasts and, well, chocolate is pretty sensual, inspiring me to write the copy above. My early truffles were all dark chocolate hazelnut, and occasionally I would venture into white chocolate (still enrobing dark) with raspberries. Later on, a friend suggested the name "Paula's Tasteful Truffles" which I used for a while, in the more conservative sectors, but am reverting back to my original idea because my neighbor told me, "If I'm going to pay top dollar for chocolate, then I want to be sensual, NOT tasteful!!" If it a'int broke, don't fix it...


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Chocolate, as anyone who knows me knows, is one of my major passions--possibly THE major passion I have. The picture above was one I took of all the chocolate I brought back from my European travels back in 1994 (yes, I hauled all that over several countries before taking it home! I mailed my clothes back instead...)