This was the Voronet Monastery in the North Moldavia region of Romania. It was built in the 1400s, and was surprisingly tiny inside (see next picture below) as well as incredibly decorated, and no wonder, since there was so little space to decorate it.

The inside of the Voronet Monastery was highly ornate and detailed. Every inch of the walls was covered with paintings of certain people, possibly saints in the Catholic church. There were no monks left that I could tell, just a building and a park adjoining, where a market was held.

This was the Market nearby,where I bought the shirt hanging sort of in the middle, for 15 Deutschmarks, the equivalent of $10 at the time.
Hannes (from Germany) trying on the shirt and vest and belt. I think he bought the shirt and the vest.
I met all of the above people at Ecotopia, also held in Romania that year.