Shown below, from left to right: Front row: Djembe, dumbek, treble Viola da Gamba, bass Viola da Gamba (made by my father), Praetorius bagpipes (which I made).
Back row: Heart chakra bowl (quartz crystal, ocarina (the elephant!), bell, Middle Eastern style 22" frame drum, and native american style buffalo drum

With a father who builds harpsichords (as well as other instruments) and a mother who plays nearly everything (so it seemed) there was no escaping from music, particularly classical and more especially "early" music (Medieval and Renaissance).

I would have to say that my biggest influence in music has been my mother. She got me started at an early age on various instruments, and now I play a variety of instruments, including Viola da Gamba, recorders, cornamuse, hammered dulcimer, classical guitar, and am starting to get into percussion with my five drums: djembe, dumbek, bodhran, 22" Middle Eastern style frame drum, and buffalo drum. I also have a gong and a 4th chakra bowl, and love to sing (soprano, alto, tenor) as well.

From right to left: two tabor pipes, penny whistle, cornamuse, soprano recorder, alto recorder, tenor recorder

Above is my hammered dulcimer, and below, my classical guitar.

Tambourine and bodhran Brass singing bowl 16" Gong