I've always rented, my whole life, until recently, when I took the plunge and bought my first house. Of course I did lots and lots of work to it as soon as I got it, and more planned for later. The first thing I did was have all the carpet ripped up and the oak floors underneath refinished, as well as new oak flooring laid over subfloor in the front room, and then I painted the whole house with my awesome mother's help, the the most bright, friendly colors I could choose. I loved the results. My biggest, most recent project (finally!) was to tile the kitchen countertop and put in a new sink with new fixture (see below).

Because the pictures are too big to get all on one page, follow these links to see other parts of the house: Front Room & Office / Bedroom / Guest Room / Dining Room & Hallway / Bathroom / The house itself & outside structures


Above is a picture of mother painting the kitchen. Since I'm planning to tile the kitchen countertop anyway, we weren't very careful keeping the formica or the sink very clean...

The pictures below are while the grout is still setting up, before I was able to get along the wall for some true cleanup (which I think I will just paint...at this point, to get a nice straight line again!).