The "in" thing when I was in Holland (or maybe just in the Environmental resister factions of Europe) was to paint designs on the wall. Someone arbitrarily decided there should be a wall in this flat, and accordingly busted one out. He moved on, but his former roommates asked me if I would paint something "nice" around the edges. I painted one of the ones who lived there as a Greek "Korus" type pillar/statue, holding up the ceiling. On the left I am just starting, on the right (above) is the finished painting.He didn't want to be naked, so accordingly I put a loincloth on him, which he feared was a bit too much like a skirt, an insult to his manly dignity...
To my surprise, the other roomie was upset that I'd painted her as a nearly naked statue. I added the red towel (from the bath) as a jest and an accent. I found increasingly that the people in Europe, particularly Eastern Europe (like Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania) who wanted to preserve the environment were conservatives--after all, they were conserving resources, unlike here, where to be termed a "tree-hugger" is to be termed an ardent liberal.