Czech Republic

My sojourn in the Czech Republic started out with doing resistance work protesting a nuclear power plant in Temelin, Czech Republic. When I remembered how unreliable Westinghouse's escalators in DC were, I shuddered to think of them building a nuclear plant...

Beside me is the very handsome Stephan, from Germany, whose English was a hell of a lot better than my German at the time.


This was taken at Hnuti Duha ("Green Dinosaur" in Czech) on the roof--they're PLANTING it in order to have a garden outside. Land was at a premium in the big city of Prague, and they hoisted up many 50lb bags of small granulated clay particles, which would drain better than dirt and thus not get too heavy and cave the roof in.
Here people are, planting stuff. This woman and I communicated mostly in French, as my Czech was just budding and she didn't learn English because of the Communist regime.
I was much taken with the beautiful metalwork and mystical walks of Prague, and took a roll of Black and White film as an experiment.
The whole city was full of art. I just happened to catch this hot air balloon in the background of this shot.
This was the front window to my friend's apartment building. Mucha was from Brno, Czech Republic, and his influence in the country is strong.
And this was at the same flat, upstairs. I was so taken by the still life that I took a picture, particularly of the lovely Art Nouveau room divider.