Since I was raised with Early Music, I was raised with costuming as well, since my mother used to have bands (ie the Pied Pipers)
that dressed up in Medieval and later Renaissance costumes to perform. I loved making costumes, and have been dabbling at it since
I was a kid. They're getting a bit sophisticated now, especially with my lovely Bernina sewing machine, and these are just a few of
of them below, actually. I still need to take pictures of some of the others I wear.

Me in a chainmail shirt My first
Medieval dress
My second Medieval dress My "Fete" dress--1650's style English Renaissance My Leela outfit (Dr. Who) My first belly dance costume Ghawazee Coat
Chainmail again--this time the bra "Tina Tabby" outfit Feeling Blue Where it all starts, the sketch Mask and Macedonian Vest